7/30/2019 - Clark County D.A. Family Support Division Hosting Event to Help Non-Custodial Parents Get Back on Track with Child Support Payments

(Bench Warrants can be resolved for only 50% of the bail amount due)

The Office of the Clark County District Attorney, Family Support Division, is celebrating Child Support Awareness Month at the Child Support Center of Southern Nevada by hosting a Super Saturday special event on August 10, 2019 from 8:00am-4:00pm. 

Customers who currently have a bench warrant and/or suspended driver's license as a result of their child support case, will have the opportunity to resolve these matters for 50% off the current bail or suspension amount due.  A judge will be onsite during this special event to quash bench warrants for child support cases only.

Customers will have the opportunity to establish a child support order without going to court. Customers must bring their pay stubs and identification for the best service. A full team of child support case managers, social workers, and attorneys from the District Attorney's office will be available during the event to assist customers.  This is a great time for individuals with new cases, existing cases, or questions about the child support program to come in and learn more about the services offered. In an effort to help as many families as possible, a variety of services will be offered during this event, including:

Ask-A-Lawyer sessions

Social Worker

Genetic Testing (if applicable)

Visitation/Mediation Assistance

Modification Options on Existing Child Support Orders

Media, please note:  For additional information, or to schedule interviews prior to the event, please email: Media@ClarkCountyDA.com.

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