6/19/2013 - DA Animal Abuse Awareness Campaign

Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson announced, this summer, an animal abuse awareness campaign focused on educating the public about the dangers of leaving pets in cars, or in yards without shelter or water, during the hottest season.  

Every year officers respond to more than 5,000 animal cruelty calls in Southern Nevada.  Neglect and abuse of animals is a crime, and D.A. Wolfson has committed to make the prosecution of these crimes one of the priorities in his office.  "It is important that people understand leaving an animal in a parked car, or outside without shade and water, can be fatal for the animal. Our goal is to educate the public, including tourists who travel with their pets, about the danger our excessive heat poses to animals," said Wolfson.  "For those who choose to ignore this message, my office is prepared to prosecute them for their crimes."   

Posters will be displayed at area businesses throughout the valley, reminding everyone that when it comes to pets: a hot car, a hot yard, a hot oven—it’s all the same.  A new public service announcement and poster are helping to communicate this message to the public.

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