7/15/2016 - DA’s Office Releases Report on Demario James Keyes

​The Clark County District Attorney’s Office has determined that the actions of a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) officer on June 27, 2015, were reasonable and legally justified. The report released today describes the events leading up to Mr. Keyes’ death.

On June 27, 2015, Mr. Keyes approached the community pool area of the Andover Place Apartments carrying a large butcher knife. Mr. Keyes was yelling that someone was after him and claimed the person had taken his child. He said he needed someone to call the police. Mr. Keyes then jumped over the fence around the pool area where a family had gathered for the evening. He grabbed a 17-year-old girl by the arm and threatened to stab her. The girl’s cousin tried to convince Mr. Keyes to let the girl go. He tried to pull his cousin away from Mr. Keyes’ grasp as Mr. Keyes swung the butcher knife at the girl. Other members of the group fought with Mr. Keyes and managed to take away the knife and eventually subdue him. LVMPD responded to the scene and found Mr. Keyes unconscious and restrained by several people. The first officer to arrive at the scene cleared the people who were restraining Mr. Keyes and then put handcuffs on him. The officer rolled Mr. Keyes on his side, patted him down and called for paramedics to transport him to the hospital. Mr. Keyes never regained consciousness, and an emergency room doctor pronounced him dead. An autopsy determined the cause of death to be methamphetamine intoxication along with civilian and law enforcement restraint. The death was ruled a homicide.

"The facts surrounding this incident are not like those we typically see in these types of reports," said District Attorney Steve Wolfson. "A family get-together was violently interrupted by Mr. Keyes and his erratic behavior, prompting regular citizens to come to the aid of a teenage girl whose life was being threatened. A combination of factors, including a high level of methamphetamine, contributed to his death."

A Police Fatality Public Fact-Finding Review was conducted in this incident on June 1, 2016. Clark County Code mandates such a review when a police-involved death occurs, and the prosecutor preliminarily determines that no criminal prosecution of the officer is appropriate

The determination that the officers acted lawfully in this situation is based upon the evidence available at this time. The case could be reexamined if new information comes to light.


The full report is available on the District Attorney’s Web page.

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