3/7/2018 - New Third Grand Jury Off To a Strong Start

​​​​​In an unprecedented move to combat gun violence in our community, District Attorney Steve Wolfson requested the empanelment of a third grand jury in July of 2016. In 2017, the Clark County Board of County Commissioners approved the budget for the additional grand jury. The recently empaneled grand jury met for the first time on January 25, 2018. In their first six weeks, they have indicted 28 defendants on a wide variety of criminal charges. Among the most serious charges were: Murder, Attempt Murder, First Degree Kidnapping with use of a Deadly Weapon, Battery with use of a Deadly Weapon (Victim 60 or Older), Child Abuse, Neglect or Endangerment with a Deadly Weapon, Home Invasion while in Possession of a Deadly Weapon, and Robbery with use of a Deadly Weapon. In total, 40 different crimes, and over 200 counts, were charged among the various cases.

An additional grand jury was necessary to more efficiently process cases involving violent crimes, especially those involving guns. This allows a case to move forward sooner, and a resolution to the case to be reached in a more reasonable timeframe.

“I felt it was important to have an additional grand jury in place so that our office could more effectively handle the influx of cases,” said Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson. “Having a case linger in the system does not benefit anyone, especially victims and their families.”

The newest grand jury consists of 17 sitting jurors and 14 alternates. Grand jury proceedings are confidential and their decisions are released to the public the day after they meet.

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