OOD 504 Department Liaisons


Letty Bonilla, Principal Management Analyst, Office of Diversity – 702-455-5760

Department Specific, Section 504 LIAISONS:

​Section 504 Liason
​Contact Phone Number
Administrative Services:Alex Ortiz455-5966
Air Quality:Shawn McCrary455-1626
Assessors' Office:Frances McQuarrie455-2172
Aviation:Richard Blut261-5157
Business License:T. Ann Aguon Perez455-3384
Clerk's Office:
James Pierce
Community Resources:Deanna Judkins455-2269
District Attorney:Sergio Garica/ April Kennedy671-0980
District Court:Andres Moses671-3312
Family Services:Robynn Bell455-6426
Fire:Kelly Blackmon455-7311
Justice Court:Melody Long671-3214
Juvenile Justice Services:Mark Marumoto455-5452
Parks and Recreation:Cliff Fields455-8839
Public Works:Tammi Tiger/Glenda Sargent455-2762
Real Property Management:Kate Murray455-2081
Recorder's Office:Mirta Dreiman455-1774
Social Services:Randy Reinoso455-5709
Water Reclamation District:Ed Carrasco668-8072

Human Resources:



Last update: 4/2020

Rebecca Dutro455-3176

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