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Municipal General Election Unofficial Results - June 7, 2011
(available after 7:00 p.m. on Election Day)

City of Henderson Posting Log
(available after 7:00 a.m. on Election Day)


Who May Vote in the Municipal General Election and Maps

Only voters properly registered within the specific boundaries of an incorporated City (Boulder City, Henderson, Las Vegas, Mesquite or North Las Vegas) may vote in the 2011 Municipal Elections and only in their own City’s elections at a site within their own City. Voters registered in unincorporated areas of Clark County do NOT participate in Municipal Elections. Log-in to our website to look up your voting eligibility, precinct, elected officials, etc.  As it becomes available, you may also view your sample ballot, Election Day polling place or Henderson "Vote Center."  Each city has maps of its boundaries:

Boulder City map   Henderson maps    Las Vegas map    Mesquite maps    North Las Vegas map
NOTE:  Many Clark County residents with a mailing address of Las Vegas mistakenly assume they live in the City of Las Vegas. This has caused confusion in past municipal elections. You can confirm your eligibility to vote in the June 7 Las Vegas Municipal General Election by logging in and verifying Las Vegas is listed as your city under Assigned Districts. An interactive map of the City of Las Vegas is also available on the Internet. Other City maps are available online as well (see paragraph above).


Facts, Figures and Data about the Municipal General Election

Candidates/Offices and Questions in the Municipal General Election

Municipal offices will be up for election and seven ballot questions will be voted upon (six for Boulder City and one for Mesquite). Municipal elections are NONPARTISAN, so candidates’ parties will not appear on the ballot because all of the offices are nonpartisan. The offices, candidates, and questions are:

  • City of Boulder City:  NO CANDIDATES AND OFFICES WILL BE UP FOR ELECTION.  Only ballot questions will be on the ballot.

  • City of Henderson:

    • Council Ward IV - elected at large (but council members must reside in their Ward), 4-year term

  • City of Las Vegas:

    • Mayor - elected at large, 4-year term

    • Council Ward 3 - elected by Ward, 4-year term

    • Municipal Court Judge Department 2 - elected at large, 6-year term

  • City of Mesquite:

    • Mayor - elected at large, 4-year term

      • The candidate for this office received a majority of the votes in the Municipal Primary Election and was therefore elected to office.  However, the candidate's name must be placed on the Municipal General Election ballot.  See Mesquite Municipal Code § 1-8-19.

    • Three Council Members - elected at large, two 4-year term seats, one 2-year unexpired term seat

      • The top 2 vote getters will be elected to the two 4-year term seats

      • The 3rd highest vote getter will be elected to the single 2-year unexpired term seat.

    • Mesquite Candidates

    • Mesquite Advisory Ballot Question

  • City of North Las Vegas:

    • Council Ward 2 - elected by Ward, 4-year term

    • Council Ward 4 - elected by Ward, 4-year term

    • Municipal Court Judge, Dept. 1 - elected at large, 6-year term

    • North Las Vegas Candidates

  • All Ballot Questions (only Boulder City and Mesquite have ballot questions)

Early Voting / In-Office Voting for the Municipal General Election

Election Day Voting for the Municipal General Election

Incorporated cities (Boulder City, Henderson, Las Vegas, Mesquite and North Las Vegas) conduct their own elections in odd-numbered years.  Municipal General Elections will be on June 7, 2011 ( Municipal Primary Elections were conducted on April 5, 2011). Eligible voters may vote early before Election Day, by mail, or on Election Day from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Important election and registration related dates for the 2011 Municipal Elections are available on our website.

Election Night Results and Tabulation for the Municipal General Election 

Mail / Absentee Ballots

Voting Machines and Systems

Tips for Easier and Faster Voting


Rules for the Media, Public Observation (Including Pollwatchers),
and Campaigning/Electioneering

Past Election Results


Additional Information

2011 Municipal Primary Election Information Index

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