Last Updated January 8, 2014

Polling Place Location

Unlike early voting, on Election Day you may only vote a full ballot at your assigned polling place. Because the locations of polling places periodically change due to population growth and facility availability, check the back cover of your sample ballot or our Registered Voter Services, as indicated below, for your official precinct and polling place. 

  • Log in to Registered Voter Services and select View My Registration Information or Get Directions to My Poll Place from the dropdown menu.

  • Call (702) 455-VOTE (8683) or send an e-mail if you lost or did not receive your sample ballot at least 10 days before Election Day and want us to mail you another one.

The Election Department receives thousands of phone calls on Election Day! If you have questions about whether you are registered to vote or about your polling place, get answers before Election Day.

If You Move

When you move, you should give notice to the Election Department as soon as possible so the change will apply to the next upcoming election). You must vote at your old polling place if you:

  • Moved less than 30 days before an election

  • Moved more than 30 days before an election and never notified the Election Department in writing

  • Notified the Election Department in writing of your new address after the voter registration deadline

Election Day Voting Process

All Clark County Election Day polling places and early voting sites use touch-screen voting machines. These machines include a voter verifiable paper printout of each ballot that stays with the machine. These machines also provide both Spanish and English ballots and instructions.

Go to Precinct Table

Upon arriving at your assigned polling place, an election official will direct you to the correct precinct table.

Verify Identity

You will give your name to a Clerk at the precinct table. The Clerk will find your name in the Precinct Register and ask you to sign next to your facsimile signature. The Clerk will then verify your identity by comparing your handwritten signature to your facsimile signature. It may be helpful to bring picture identification with you when you vote.

Receive Receipt
After verifying your identity, the Clerk will give you a voting receipt, showing your precinct.

Receive Activation Card

You will then be directed to an election official who will issue to you a voting machine activation card.


You will proceed to a touch-screen voting machine to vote. You must insert the card into the machine to activate it for your specific precinct and party.

Return Activation Card

When you are finished, you must immediately return the activation card to an election official.

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