Last updated May 2, 2018


The Early Voting files are updated nightly after voting has concluded for that day. The files list the voters who have voted on a particular day during the 14-day early voting period.

Please note that the information in the daily files has not yet been audited. During auditing, we may occasionally find and correct a clerical error. An audited cumulative turnout file for the election will be posted to clarify these errors.  The time that the cumulative file gets posted will be dependent upon the time it takes to complete our auditing.

The Data

The data file format is ASCII, comma-delimited text and compressed using a self-extracting compression utility (see the post-download instructions). This file format will allow you to import the data into any standard database utility, but due to the size of the files, it is not recommended that you try and import them into a spreadsheet application. Please review the following files to help you better understand the data file layout and how to work with the data once downloaded:

After you have reviewed the above information files, download the actual data files below.  Data will be available no later than the day after the specific early voting date.

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