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The Office of Risk Management serves as the administrator of the self-funded insurance pools for group health and life insurance, workers' compensation and general liability. In addition, the office maintains financial oversight of the Safety & Environmental division, while operations are managed by the Department of Administrative Services. The office also manages insurance policies for the County covering excess liability claims and property damage to buildings and equipment.

This office does not provide general advice to members of the public who have questions concerning their own insurance problems. Those questions should be directed to the State of Nevada Division of Insurance at (702) 486-4009.

Employee & Retiree Health Benefits

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Clark County Self-Funded
HealthSCOPE Benefits
Navitus Health Solutions
EyeMed Vision Care
CCSF Change Form
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2020 CCSF Plan Document
2019 CCSF Plan Document
Commercial Formulary (Clark County Employees & Non-Medicare Retirees Only) *Subject to Change*
Provider Directories: ***ATTENTION***The Clark County Self-Funded Plan does not guarantee that all services of providers or facilities will be covered under your health care plan. Benefits should be confirmed by contacting HealthSCOPE Benefits at (800) 395-7069 or by email at clarkcounty@healthscopebenefits.com. Failure to check this may result in your claims not being reimbursed for certain incurred expenses.
        CCSF 2020 Provider Directory (SHO)
        CCSF 2020 Out-of-Area Dependents and Retirees - Medical Providers
        CCSF Dental Providers

EGWP (CCSF Medicare Retirees Only)
EGWP 2020 Evidence of Coverage
EGWP 2020 Pharmacy Directory
EGWP 2020 Formulary *Subject to Change*
EGWP Non-Discrimination Statement

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