Employment with the Clark County Fire Department

Clark County is a great place to live and work. The Clark County Fire Department is an excellent example of what it means to work for the heart of the community. In this agency, men and women work together on the front lines to keep our neighborhoods safer and enjoyable to live in.

The fire department offers opportunities to work in the fire response fields such as Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Arson Investigations or as part of the operation on our administration team which includes some civilian personnel. Additionally, the fire department offers employment incentives to the young through our Explorers Program for women and men ages 16 to 21. 

Volunteer opportunities also are available. We currently have more than 200 volunteer peronnel who serve residents in the rural areas of Clark County. These individuals are assigned to 13 volunteer fire stations.

To learn more about employment opportunities with the Clark County Fire Department, visit our Firefighter Recruitment, Testing and Explorer Program web pages.

You also may obtain information about Clark County's general hiring practices by visiting the online Human Resources Department.

 The Fire Department reserves the right to make any revisions and/or changes to this information.


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