​​Flash Flood Safety​

Flash flood season in Clark County is July through September, but floods can happen any time of the year without warning. 

  • In the event of a major storm that may cause isolated flooding, it is safer for you to stay where you are and wait for the storm to end rather than attempting to drive anywhere.
  • If you are driving and are caught in a major storm, consider pulling over to a location higher than the street and wait out the storm. Intense summer storms in Southern Nevada are usually over in a couple of hours.
  • Never drive through a flooded road or around barricades. It can be difficult to determine how deep floodwaters are and floodwaters can rise dramatically in minutes.
  • If you get stuck in a stalled car, it may be safer to stay with your vehicle. Fast moving water, even only a few inches deep can quickly sweep you off your feet.
  • Be especially cautious at night when it is harder to recognize the dangers of flash floods, such as the depth and speed of the water.
  • Do not let children or pets play in or near flood water. Flood water can move up to 30 mph and is filled with hazardous materials such as debris, chemicals, oil and pet waste. Stay out of flood channels and detention basins, which can rise as quickly as one foot a minute.
  • Stay out of standing water as well. The dirty water can disguise hazards below the surface, such as deep holes and dangerous debris.
  • Do not camp or park your vehicle near washes or channels. Flash floods occur very quickly and can be deadly.
  • Listen to the radio or television for additional information as weather conditions change and new reports are received.

The Clark County Regional Flood Control District's FloodSpot app (link to: http://www.befloodsafe.com/) provides notifications of flash flooding and real-time information during floods. You can download it for Apple and Android devices. More information also is available on the Flood Control District's website: www.regionalflood.org.


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