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Emergency Preparation

Emergency Preparedness Checklist


Click here for the Clark County Emergency Preparedness Guide
(Click here for a printable PDF copy of the Clark County Emergency Preparedness Guide)

Click here to create a Personal Disaster Preparedness Guide

Click here for a Disaster Supplies Calendar (purchase items over a 20 week period of time)


SoNevada.OnTheAlert.com -A new community-wide tool designed to give people greater access to emergency information.


MyStateUSA is a web-based, easy to use alerting notification sytem.  Anyone can sign up online to have public weather alerts and Emergency Alert Sytem (EAS) notifications sent to telephones and email. You can select which geographical area you wish to be notified about by entering a zip code.  Choose what types of alerts you'd like to receive such as: fire messages; high winds; blizzards, etc.  Customize the information so you receive only the alerts that pertain to your area. MyStateUSA sends out weather, EAS and other public notifications via text messages and voicemail.  Use MyStateUSA to help keep you and your family informed about weather or emergency events in your community. Click here to view a self-guided presentation.

FEMA:  Tips for Communicating Before, During & After Disasters

During disasters, communications networks could be damaged, lose power, or become congested. This fact sheet provides two important sets of tips. The first will help you prepare your home and mobile devices for a disaster. The second may help you communicate more effectively during and immediately after a disaster.

National Terrorism Advisory System

Be Flood Safe -- Free Flood Spot Application for Android & iPhone

Red Cross -- Shelter Application for iPhone

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