What is GIS?

According to GIS.com

    "A geographic information system (GIS) integrates hardware, software, and data for capturing, managing, analyzing, and displaying all forms of geographically referenced information."

Most people recognize the maps that this system produces, like this one of Clark County.


But, GISMO's mission is much more than just map making. 

GISMO's Mission

The GIS Management Office's (GISMO's) mission is three fold:

GISMO succeeds in its mission through the following services:

Facilitate communication among Interlocal Participants (see Explore links above) and other interested organizations. Promote the sharing of GIS resources and technology throughout Southern Nevada to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Clark County.

Distribution of GIS Data

Provide GIS data access to support County users, GIS Interlocal Agreement Participants , Annual GIS Data Subscribers , Individual GIS Data Product Sales and Downloadable Free GIS Data Sets. .

Street Centerline Maintenance

Maintain the Street Centerline Database to support the 911 Emergency Dispatch Community and various other GIS functions. Data inputs include new subdivisions, parcel maps, corrections and spatial upgrades. Data outputs include various extracts for 911 systems, an extract for Address Verification System and native GIS formats.

GIS Application Development and Support

Develop and maintain Enterprise GIS applications ie. OpenWeb, OpenDoor and GISPlot to effectively meet the needs of County business processes. 

Data Conversion and System Maintenance Support 

Assist County departments (ie. Public Works, Elections, Zoning) with designing and developing data conversion and/or maintenance systems. Resulting data sets are published via the Southern Nevada GIS Central Repository.

Map Requests 

Providing a variety of GIS Map Products for County staff and the public. Often involves coordinating with decentralized GIS staff from other County departments.


Perform non-routine analyses for County staff to support business processes. On a smaller scale, perform analyses for the public.

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