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Free GIS Maps

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The information contained on the PDF maps is for display purposes only. No liability is assumed as to the accuracy of the data delineated heron.
Assessor's Office Maps

AO 5.3.1

Assessor's Tax District Maps - Urban

AO 5.3.2

Assessor's Tax District Maps - Rural

AO 5.4

Assessor's Total Parcel Index Map 

Comprehensive Planning / Development Services Maps

All Comprehensive Planning and Development Services Maps are located on the Comprehensive Planning Map Products Page

Election Department Maps

EL 5.4

County Commission Districts and Precinct Boundaries - County

County Commission District A  

EL 5.5 

County Commission Districts - County 

County Commission District B

EL 5.6

County Commission Districts and Cities - Valley

County Commission District C 

EL 5.7 

County Commission Districts, Precinct Boundaries and Cities - Valley 

County Commission District D

EL 5.8

County Commission Districts and Precinct Boundaries - Valley

County Commission District E 

EL 5.9 

County Commission Districts - Valley 

County Commission District F

EL 5.36

County Commission Districts (8.5x11) - Valley

County Commission District G 

EL 5.37

County Commission Districts and Unincorporated Towns - Valley







EL 5.16 

Precinct Boundaries - County

EL 5.19

Precinct Boundaries and Cities - Valley

EL 5.17 

Precinct Boundaries and Polling Locations - County 

EL 5.20 

Precinct Boundaries and Polling Locations - Valley 

EL 5.18 

Precinct Boundaries - Valley 

EL 5.21 

Precinct Boundaries, Polling Locations and Cities - Valley 





EL 5.1 

State Assembly Districts - County 

EL 5.10 

U.S. Congressional Districts - County 

EL 5.2 

State Assembly Districts and Cities - Valley 

EL 5.11 

U.S. Congressional Districts and Cities - Valley 

EL 5.3 

State Assembly Districts - Valley 

EL 5.12 

U.S. Congressional Districts - Valley 





EL 5.13 

State Board of Education - County 

EL 5.22 

University Regent Districts - County 

EL 5.14 

State Board of Education and Cities - Valley 

EL 5.23 

University Regent Districts and Cities - Valley 

EL 5.15 

State Board of Education - Valley 

EL 5.24 

University Regent Districts - Valley 





EL 5.25

Clark County School Districts - County

EL 5.28

State Senate Districts - County

EL 5.26

Clark County School Districts and Cities - Valley

EL 5.29 

State Senate Districts and Cities - Valley 

EL 5.27

Clark County School Districts - Valley

EL 5.30

State Senate Districts - Valley





EL 5.31 

Townships (Justice of the Peace) and Cities - County



EL 5.32

Townships (Justice of the Peace) - County



EL 5.33

Townships (Justice of the Peace) and Cities - Valley



EL 5.34

Townships (Justice of the Peace) - Valley 







GIS Management Office (Street Centerline) Maps
GI 5.2.1

Minor Civil Division Boundary - Valley

GI 5.2.2

Minor Civil Division Boundary - County

GI 5.3.1

Zip Code Boundary - Valley

GI 5.3.2

Zip Code Boundary - County

GI 5.4.1

Census Tract Boundary - Valley

GI 5.4.2

Census Tract Boundary - County

GI 5.5.1

Jurisdictional Boundary - Valley

GI 5.5.2

Jurisdictional Boundary - County

GI 5.6.1

Incorporated Boundary - Valley

GI 5.6.2

Incorporated Boundary - County

GI 5.7.1

Street Centerline - Valley


Urban Town Advisory Board / Citizens Advisory Council Maps

Enterprise Town Advisory Board

Spring Valley Town Advisory Board

Lone Mountain Citizens Advisory Council

Sunrise Manor Town Advisory Board

Lower Kyle Canyon Citizens Advisory Council

Whitney Town Advisory Board

Paradise Town Advisory Board

Winchester Town Advisory Board


Rural Town Advisory Board / Citizens Advisory Council Maps

Bunkerville Town Advisory Board 

Mountain Springs Citizens Advisory Council

Goodsprings Citizens Advisory Council 

Mount Charleston Town Advisory Board 

Indian Springs Town Advisory Board 

Red Rock Citizens Advisory Council

Laughlin Town Advisory Board 

Sandy Valley Citizens Advisory Council

Moapa Town Advisory Board 

Searchlight Town Advisory Board

Moapa Valley Town Advisory Board


General Interest Maps

GEN 5.1

Unlawful Firearms Discharge Area

GEN 5.3 

Clark County Communities

GEN 5.4

Las Vegas Valley Street Map 

General Geography Maps

GEO 5.1

Soil Guidelines Map

GEO 5.2

Expansive Soil Guidelines Map




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