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​​OpenWeb Mapping Application

We are currently working on a new version of OpenWeb that is not dependent on any plug-ins, therefore will function in all browsers.  The beta version should be available in early 2016.  Until then, the best option for accessing OpenWeb is Internet Explorer. 

Microsoft Edge Silverlight Issue: If you are trying to access OpenWeb through Microsoft Edge for Windows 10, you will need to re-launch the page in Internet Explorer.  Click on the Edge settings menu (three dots on the upper right) and choose "Open with Internet Explorer".

Firefox Silverlight Issue: If you use Firefox to access OpenWeb and it is not functioning, you may need to configure your Plug-Ins.  Click Open Menu (top right), Add-ons, Plugins, Silverlight Plug-In, change drop-down to Always Activate.

Safari Silverlight Issue: If you use Safari for Mac, there is a workaround to enable websites that use Silverlight.  See Microsoft Support for details.

Google Chrome: As of September 01, 2015, Silverlight is no longer supported by Google Chrome.  You will need to use an alternate browser to access OpenWeb.

Local governmental entities in Southern Nevada have joined together to facilitate the sharing of Geographic Information System (GIS) data. This Internet resource is a result of the cooperation achieved through the Interlocal Agreements.  

Getting Started:

Navigation - All navigation in the new OpenWeb is "Dynamic". Simply click and drag in the Map panel to pan around; use your wheel mouse to zoom in (roll up) and zoom out (roll down). The Resources option panel contains a link to the OpenWeb Quick Guide designed to assist you by outlining some of these new features available with the New OpenWeb such as this and the Drawing/Measuring Tools. This guide may prove helpful when first operating the New OpenWeb Info Mapper.

Property Search - The first option for locating a property is to use the "Search" tool located at the top of the application, or under the Tools option. There are several tabbed options to query a Parcel Number, Owner Name, Site Address, Cross Street, Township Range and Section (T-R-S) or Coordinate. Once the search fields have been filled, click the "Submit" button or the "Draw Selection" button for Parcel searches. For entries that return multiple results, the results dropdown will open in the panel so you can sort the items and select the location you were looking for by clicking in the row. The application will automatically zoom the map to that location.

Points Of Interest Search - The second option for finding a property is to use the "Points Of Interest" search tool with the options button at the top of the application. The Points Of Interest panel will appear allowing you to select a Public Facility type with the first dropdown menu and a subtype with the second dropdown, if one is available. After making your menu selections, click the "Submit" button, and a results panel will open. Much like with the Search tool results, these results can be sorted by clicking in the row of the location you desire and the application will automatically zoom the map to that location.

Note: Once the map is displayed, the selected parcel is outlined in pink, or the intersection or coordinate will be marked with a point marker (a Red Push Pin by default). NOTE: Some Condos are not represented individually due to technical limitation.

Property Query - To access detailed information about parcels shown on the Map panel, use the "Select Property" tool within the Tools option. Click the "Select Property" button to activate the tool, then in the map panel, click on a parcel. A new panel will display various information pertaining to the selected parcel under 4 tabs. Items in blue are links to other web pages where more information is provided if available, much of these links are found under the Link Info tab. You can print a view of the Map panel and the Select Property information by using the "Click Here for Printable Map" link at the top of the panel. NOTE: This action will open another window or tab in some tab enabled browsers and you can print the view by selecting File>Print in the browser menu.

View Selection - Users can change the Map panel by changing the "Display Options". Use this options panel to: select a View in the top dropdown; turn the aerial imagery on or off with the Show Aerial check box; select an aerial flight to display with the second dropdown; and turn the Right-of-Way or Map Information on or off with their respective Show check boxes.

View A Legend - The "Show Legend" button under the Resources option panel will display map symbology based on the current view type.

Export Map, Printing Alternative - At any time, you can create an export of the Map panel using the "Export Map" button in the Tools option panel. You will be prompted to save a .png graphic of the Map panel. Save it to wherever you would like on your PC, and you can then incorporate the graphic into a Word document or e-mail, or you can print it using the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, or any viewer of your choosing. NOTE: You cannot use File>Print in the application window, you must use the Export Map tool or the option outlined above pertaining to the Select Property tool to gain a printable copy of the Map panel.

Other Resources - The Resources option panel contains a link to the OpenWeb Quick Guide designed to assist you by outlining some of the new features available with the New OpenDoor such as the Dynamic Navigation tools and Drawing/Measuring Tools. Use the Survey and Comments/Suggestions Buttons to provide feedback of your experience with the New OpenWeb. Your input will be used to make OpenWeb more user friendly, and to collect your suggestions for new or enhanced features.

Contact Us - If you have comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to E-mail us at gismo@ClarkCountyNV.gov.  

Data Disclaimer: Due to continuous development activity throughout Clark County, this data is for reference only. The information is presented solely for the convenience of the citizens of Clark County. Specific questions are to be referred to the appropriate County Department and/or municipality.


System Compatibility: This application utilizes Microsoft Silverlight 5. Please visit Microsoft's Silverlight page and click on "System Requirements" to verify your systems' compatibility.

Pop-Up Disabling Utilities: This application utilizes pop-up windows for the "Click Here for Printable Map" feature of the Select Property tool, and other information. Any "pop-up killer" utilities must be disabled in order to utilize this functionality.

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