Message from the HR Director 

The Office of Human Resources is committed to an environment of innovation and creativity for learning and development, employee relations, internal/external recruitment and employee retention.  It is our expectation that we will provide you with the best customer service we can.  You deserve maximum access to human resources information, systems, and programs in the most efficient and economical manner possible.  In this regard, the information must be timely, accurate, and consistent.  It is our intent to continuously work towards this goal.  We are also committed to obtaining your input, suggestions, and comments about our services to better improve how and what we do on your behalf.  We realize having timely access to accurate information and systems is vital to decisions about your work life, personal life, career growth, and development.  Each member of the human resources team is aware of the importance of responding to your human resources inquiries.  In this regard we are obligated to ensure you receive the information and respond in a timely, consistent, and accurate manner.  This is our pledge to you and the entire Clark County family.

Mission Statement

To be a model human capital organization committed to providing internal and external customers expert information, services, and products in a reliable, timely, consistent, and courteous manner with a strategic approach to improving business processes, contributing to the recruitment and retention of a high-caliber workforce, and providing innovative approaches to learning and development.

Our Vision

To be regarded as the employer of choice and represent a model human resources organization for others to emulate.
































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