Employee Benefits

GROUP INSURANCE - Group insurance benefits which include life, dental, vision and health insurance are provided at a minimal expense to eligible employees. The County pays the major portion of the expense of providing spouse and dependent coverage under the same plan.

DISABILITY INSURANCE - An employee who is absent due to a service-connected disability, which has been approved under NRS Chapter 616 or 617, may receive compensation provided by NRS plus an amount from the County that totals the employee's salary at the time of his/her disability for a period not to exceed the supplemental hours specified by union contracts from the first day of absence.

LONG-TERM DISABILITY INSURANCE - The County pays a maximum premium amount of $12.70 per month toward a long-term disability plan for eligible employees.

RETIREMENT - Full-time employees become a member of the Nevada State Public Employees Retirement System. Full retirement costs are paid by the County. 

VACATION - During the first 2 years of County employment eligible full-time permanent employees earn vacation credits at the rate of 3.08 vacation hours for each biweekly pay period. Employees who have been employed by the County for more than 2 years earn 4.62 hours vacation leave per pay period. Additional amounts of leave are given after completion of 8 and 15 years of service.

SICK LEAVE - Eligible employees receive 3.7 hours of sick leave for each biweekly pay period. Employees who have been employed by the County for 10 years or longer will receive an additional .92 of sick leave per pay period.


  1. Court Leave - Any permanent employee required by the County or legal process to appear in any court or before the Grand Jury during work hours as a juror or a witness in a criminal or civil case for the purpose of giving testimony shall receive full compensation during such time.
  2. Military Leave - A permanent employee who is absent due to being called into military service of the United States or the State of Nevada for duty shall continue to receive his/her salary from the County as prescribed by NRS 281.45 and any benefits provided by the Uniformed Services and Reemployment Act of 1994.
  3. Parental Leave - Upon written application, a permanent employee shall be granted a leave of absence of up to 3 months for the purpose of legally adopting and caring for a newborn child(ren) up to 6 months old.
  4. Leave Without Pay - Upon written application, a permanent employee shall be granted a leave of absence without pay.
  5. Blood Donor Leave - Eligible employees will be granted up to 4 hours off during their work shift for the purpose of donating blood.
  6. Education Leave - Upon written application, eligible employees may be granted educational leave without pay for a period not to exceed 90 calendar days.
  7. Application & Examination Leave - Eligible employees will be permitted reasonable time off with pay during his/her shift to submit an application and/or take examination for County promotion or transfer opportunity.

CREDIT UNION - Clark County employees and their families are eligible to join the Clark County Credit Union. Applications are available to download on-line at https://www.ccculv.org

TUITION REIMBURSEMENT - Eligible employees are eligible for educational assistance. Full reimbursement of tuition is available after successful completion of a job related courses.

ADDITIONAL CONSIDERATIONS - Nevada has no State Income Tax.

Clark County employees' participation in the Social Security Program is limited at 1.45% of annual salary for Medicare taxes. Current Clark County employees hired before April 1986 and therefore not currently contributing to Medicare transferring to or from the Clark County Water Reclamation District will begin contributing to Medicare Program as above. 

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