Candidates' Code of Ethics

Clark County expects honesty and professionalism in all of our dealings with you as a candidate. By submitting your application materials you agree to: 

  • List all employment history using the application profile and if additional space is required, attaching a resume that identifies total employment history
  • Include all dates (month/year) for each employer including hours worked per week
  • Accurately recap the level of responsibility and level of authority for each position
  • Act in good faith throughout the recruitment and selection process

In accordance with Clark County’s Merit Personnel System, Policy III, Section V, a candidate may be removed from the examination process in question and/or future examinations if a candidate:

  • Has made false or misleading statements of material fact on the application profile or other required documents
  • Has used or attempted to use, any unfair method to obtain an advantage in an examination or appointment
  • Receives or gives assistance resulting in an unfair advantage designed to aid an applicant in obtaining a job will be disqualified form the examination and may be barred from future examinations
  • Or employee receives such assistance or provides such assistance to an applicant they may be disciplined up to and including termination
  • Directly or indirectly obtained confidential information about the content of an examination, or has taken part in compiling, administering, or scoring an examination
  • Fails to submit a complete and accurate application within the prescribed time limits
  • Has verbally or physically threatened staff
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