Detention Services

Information and Visitation Policy

All youth in Detention are provided with essential needs, including quality foods, shelter, clothing and medical care.  In addition all youth receive appropriate educational and recreational programming daily.  Additional privileges are given to those youth who excel in our behavioral program, encouraging positive communication and interaction.








 SAT 9:30am -11am

SAT 9:30am -11am 

SUN 9:30am -11am

 SUN 9:30am -11am

SUN 9:30am -11am

SAT 9:30am -11am 

 There are no public restrooms in detention.


FIRST VISIT: Parents or Legal Guardians may visit their child after the FIRST COURT HEARING.  The visit must take place that day between the hours of 10 am and 11 am, immediately following court.

WEEKLY VISIT:  Parents or Legal Guardians may visit their child weekly based upon the schedule above and the Unit the child is assigned. 

LEVEL III VISIT:  Parents or Legal Guardians may visit their child on Wednesday evenings at 6pm ONCE the child has achieved Level III status in the behavioral program.  Parents or Legal Guardians will be notified accordingly when this occurs. 

COMMITMENT VISIT:  Parents or Legal Guardians may visit the day prior to the child leaving for another facility.  The VISITOR is responsible to arrange this visit with Unit staff.  Staff will ensure the parent or legal guardian is provided adequate notification. Youth committed to Spring Mountain Youth Camp (SMYC) will receive their pre-commitment visit from 6:00pm-7:30pm on the Wednesday prior to their Friday departure to SMYC.


  1. ONLY parents or legal guardians are permitted to visit during the above listed visitation times.
  2. All visitors must dress appropriately; no tank tops, halter or crop tops, and no short shorts.
  3. Visitors obviously intoxicated or under the influence of drugs/alcohol will be denied visiting.
  4. No visitor under 18 years of age is allowed in the waiting area.  If necessary, staff can request that all persons not visiting wait outside of the building.
  5. No visitor under 21 years of age is allowed on campus, no matter what relation that person may be.
  6. Visitors are not permitted to bring in any items during visitation, including food, gum, candy, tobacco, toothpaste, deodorants, non-prescription soap, etc.
  7. Any visitor who violates the rules of the facility will lose future visitation or phone call privileges with their child.

ATTORNEYS AND CLERGY are permitted to visit during business hours, or any reasonable hour with notification.

MEDICAL:  All medication medical supplies must be approved by and given directly to the Nursing staff.  Nursing contact number is 455-4857.  Parents can come to Detention Administration (or to Intake during non business hours) to drop off medications.  Medications must be in the original prescription bottle with the youth’s name and dosage displayed clearly.  Preapproval is required for contact eye care products, and if medically necessary, special soaps.

CLOTHING and SHOES:  Detention clothing is provided to all youth.  Shoes can be provided also, or parents can choose to bring in tennis shoes.  The tennis shoes must be solid black, solid white, or black and white only.  No other colors, on any portion of the shoe, will be accepted.  Shoes will be accepted through the Detention Administration Office, with Supervisor approval.   

PHONE CALLS:  Youth are permitted to phone the following parties at designated times:  Parent / Legal Guardian / Attorney.  Telephone calls will be made per Detention Policies, and parents will be notified at the time of visit when they will be allowed.

MAIL: All mail (letters, birthday cards, etc.) must come to Detention through the U.S. Postal System.  Notes, letters, cards, etc, will NOT be accepted during visitation.  Youth will be provided materials and postage to send two outgoing letters per week, if they choose to do so.  Detention Address:  651 N. Pecos Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101, Attn:  “YOUTH NAME”.   


Caliente Youth Center (CYC) ph 775-726-8200:  Clothing required for youth committed to CALIENTE will be accepted in the unit one day prior to transport.

Nevada Youth Training Center (NYTC) ph 775-738-7182:  Youth committed to NYTC will be provided uniforms when they arrive.  No clothing will be accepted in Detention for youth going to NYTC.

Spring Mountain Youth Camp (SMYC) ph 702-455-5555:  Clothing and other items for youth going to SMYC will be accepted in the SMYC Admissions Office, 455-5265.

All Other Facility Releases:  Arrangements will be made through the Probation Officer and Unit Staff.


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