Question:    How do I reschedule my son/daughter’s court date?
Answer: Please call (702) 455-5380
Question: Who do I speak to about my son/daughter’s Citation?  Where should I go to speak to someone?
Answer:   Please contact Probation Juvenile Intake at (702) 455-5380, located at the Family Court Bldg. 601 N Pecos Rd, LV, NV 89101.
    (When inside the three-story court building, take a right by the Information Desk and go through the Court waiting room area to the Probation Intake Window.
Question:   My child is out of control.  What are my options?
Answer:   Please call The Harbor at (702) 455-6912.  The mission of The Harbor is to provide a safe place for guidance and to be responsive to the well-being of youth, families, victims, and the Clark County Community by providing meaningful services to youth and families to address their immediate needs.  Various providers have partnered with The Harbor.  The types of programming these providers offer include tutoring, mentoring, drug education, conflict resolution, anger control, social skills training, job skills development, counseling sessions, cognitive behavioral therapy and a variety of other programs.  Visit their website at

Please call 211 or access the website at
    Neighborhood Justice Center – Part of Clark County Courts is a no-cost confidential mediation services to Clark County residents.  Mediators help parties share a conversation in order to resolve disputes and make their own decisions. Please call the Clark County Neighborhood Justice Center at (702) 455-3898.
    Parenting Project - ParenTeen Solutions helps parents/caregivers reduce behavioral problems in youth and promote a nurturing and supportive family environment. Youth 11 to 17 years old attend this six-week program with their parents to promote communication and trust. Parents learn the importance of clear rules and consistent supervision and how to practice a positive approach to discipline that teaches self-responsibility.  Call (702) 455-5295 to register for this free program. (Available in Spanish.)
Question:   My child is starting to misbehave.  I have no control over son/daughter.   May I leave my son/daughter at Juvenile Detention or Spring Mountain Youth Camp (SMYC)?
Answer:   Only youth who are court-ordered are detained in Juvenile Detention or SMYC.
Question:   I would like to tour juvenile detention in order to scare my son/daughter into behaving.
Answer:   This is a violation of the Federal Juvenile Justice Act  and is never allowed.  Only youth who are Court-ordered detained are allowed in Juvenile Detention or SMYC.
Question:   How do I become emancipated?
Answer:   NRS 129.080 Minor may petition juvenile court for decree of emancipation; Please click here for more info.        
Question:   What are the procedures for getting a Work Permit?
Answer:   Generally, a child under fourteen must have a work permit signed by the court to be employed. Information about the process to apply for and obtain a work permit for a child under the age of fourteen is available at the Family Court Self Help Center. For laws governing juvenile employment, see Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 609. To Contact the Family Court Self Help Center please call (702) 455-1500, 601 N Pecos Road, Las Vegas, NV 89101.
Question:   What is the Adult Probation Phone Number?
Answer:   (702) 486-3001.
Question:    How do I contact the Clark County Adult Detention Center?
Answer:    Please call (702) 671-3900.
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