Pay Online

Online payments may be made for TRAFFIC tickets/citations only. All criminal, formal civil, eviction, small claims, and temporary protective order payments must be made in-person or by mail.

Click Here to Pay Online - http://cvpublicaccess.co.clark.nv.us/eservices/home.page​​

Pay byMail

Payments by mail may be made by 1) personal or company check, 2) money order, or 3) cashier check. All payment forms must be made payable to “HENDERSON JUSTICE COURT,” must be signed, and must include a reference to the case which is being paid. DO NOT SEND CASH PAYMENTS BY MAIL. If requesting a receipt or return documents, please provide a self-addressed stamped envelope. Otherwise, nothing will be returned to the sender. Please send all payments by mail to the following address:

Pay In Person

​​In-person payments may be made by cash, VISA©, MASTERCARD® or DISCOVER® debit or credit card, personal or company check, money order, or cashier check. For all transactions made by credit or debit card, the person whose name is on the card must be present with identification that matches the name on said credit or debit card or else the payment may not be accepted by the clerk. If a case is in warrant status (click here to check the Henderson Justice Court’s Warrant List) personal and company checks will not be accepted. The Court prefers exact cash for all transactions. The Court does not accept AMERICAN EXPRESS® credit cards.​


Pay by Phone

Henderson Township Justice Court currently does not offer the ability to pay by phone.

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