Clark County Wetlands Park

Park History

Since its inception in 1991, Clark County Wetlands Park has evolved into a major recreational and educational resource for Vegas Valley residents and guests:


​1991​Bond issue passed for development of Clark County Wetlands Park.
1995​Wetlands Park Master Plan completed, defining strategies for creating a system of trails, interpretive exhibits, a visitor center and picnic areas, as well as construction of about 15 erosion control structures.
1998​The Las Vegas Wash Coordination Committee is formed, creating a partnership between public and private agencies to develop the Park.
1999​The first Demonstration Weir – was constructed on the Las Vegas Wash
Park implements its first Guided School Field trip with students from Mabel Hoggard Elementary School.
Duck Creek trail built as a volunteer project.
2001​Nature Preserve trails opened.
2006​Bostick Interpretive Area completed.
2007​Sunrise Trailhead opened.
2008​Neighborhood Park Play Area installed.
2009​Mitigation Wetlands completed.
2012​Pabco and Wells Trailhead improvements completed.
2013 ​Nature Center opened to the public.
North Loop Trail paved from Sunrise to Powerline Crossing.
Duck Creek Trailhead completed
2015 ​South loop trail paved from Powerline Crossing to Pabco Trailhead. 


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