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Schedule of Trainings & Volunteer-Only Events

Summer 2020: No trainings are currently scheduled. Trainings will resume. Read below for descriptions of trainings.

All ​Volun​teers​ Exhibit Hall Trainings Education Facilitators Professional Development
Welcome to the Wetlands Park Team

Exhibit Hall 101​

Exhibit Hall: Beyond the Front Counter
Pre-Season Training

Brown Bag Discussions

End of Season Wrap-Up
CPR Training

Wetlands U

Volunteer Ventures
Listings last updated: 7/30/2020
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Welcome to the Wetlands Park Team (required)

This required training class will be taken once a new volunteer has completed background check and is ready to volunteer.​

This course covers a history of the park and its mission, with a focus on exploring tool​s and techniques for creating a positive and memorable experience for our visitors. Our visitors have a broad range of needs and we will learn about how to identify and meet those needs. Special consideration will be made to addressing challenging visitors or situations.​ We all have a s​pecial connection Wetlands Park and we will learn about ways to connect our visitors to the unique resources of Wetlands Park as well as help them to find the meanings and significance of those resources to their lives. Making connections between visitors and the Park strengthens the community commitment to our Park!  

All volunteers are required to participate in one session of this training.

Not currently scheduled.


Volunteer Fall Update Potluck

Not currently scheduled.

Holiday Open House

Not currently scheduled.
Holding this holiday event will depend on health conditions.

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

Not currently scheduled.
The Volunteer Appreciation Dinner is typically held in January. Holding the annual dinner will depend on health conditions.

Wetlands: Hands On! Team Lead End of Season Work Party

Not currently scheduled.


Educa​tion ​Facil​​itator Trainings​

Pre-Season Walk & Training

Not currently scheduled.

Brown Bag Discussions 

None currently scheduled.

Exhibit Hall Trainings
Exhibi​t​ H​all 101 

None currently scheduled.

Exhibit Hall: Beyo​nd the Front Counter 

None currently scheduled.

Exhibit Hall Volunteer Meeting
All Exhibit Hall volunteers should attend these meetings, which are an opportunity to receive updates, suggest improvements, and discuss frequently asked questions and issues.

None currently scheduled.
Last held: 2/29/2020

Professional Development

CPR Training 

None currently scheduled.
Last held: 1/4/2020

Wetlands U: Plant ID ​​W​​alk

None currently scheduled.

Wetlands U:​ Common Nesting Birds
This is a classroom workshop where you'll learn how to spot the most common birds in Wetlands Park. It will include observations at the FeederWatch station and tips for identification. We will also discuss what to look for when identifying birds and bird ID resources. Volunteers are also encouraged to attend Java Jaunt Birding, held the third Sunday during cooler months, for field experience.

None currently scheduled.

* These bird workshops will follow our public birding walk program, Java Jaunt Birding, which is from 7:30 am to 9:30 am. Please contact staff to join Java Jaunt on the dates above, then come to the volunteer-only workshop.

Wetlands U: Geology

None currently scheduled.

Volunteer V​entures

Volunteer Ventures include group walks at Park Trailheads and excursions to other regional resources.

None currently scheduled.


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