Clark County Poet Laureate Vogue Robinson

Vogue Robinson became Clark County's second poet laureate in 2017. The County is currently seeking her successor. Applications to serve in this distinguished role are due Friday, April 5, by 5 p.m. 

With a Bachelor of Arts in English from San Diego State University, Robinson dedicated herself to expression. Spoken Word brings a new element to her writing. Robinson will always have an appreciation for human beings who find ways to put truth and heart into words. She serves as organizer and co-host to the Battle Born Poetry Slam and Words in Motion Open Mic. Her work has been published in Red Rock Review, Catching Calliope: Vol. 2, Legs of Tumbleweeds, Wings of Lace: An Anthology of Literature by Nevada Women and Clark: Poetry from Clark County, Nevada. Vogue has competed at the National Poetry Slam as a 4-time Las Vegas representative. She spends her spare time with family, and as Executive Director of Poetry Promise, Inc.  
Social Media: VogueR316.

For her tenure as Clark County Poet Laureate Vogue plans to implement the following programs:
Poets in the Schools - A program that integrates local poets into the classroom to teach and perform poetry to encourage youth writing & reading skills, healthy self-expression, and build classroom community.

Dead Poets Society Workshops - A bi-monthly poetry workshop series taught by talented poet-teachers held at Pearson Community Center celebrating and studying poets who have recently passed away.

Poets of National Stature Reading Series - This is a series of readings and workshops by Poets of National Stature to expand the knowledge and practice of poetry in Clark County and to create energy for our cultural communities. The program brings nationally known artists to our local community. 
Robinson hopes that people will join these events by not only participating, but volunteering to help with the programming. If you are interested in working with the Clark County Poet Laureate, please email her at or at (702) 706-2383.



Poetry Promise Inc.
Poetry Promise Awards Guidelines (PDF)

Poetry Promise Award
1st Place Recipient
Andrew Romanelli

Andrew Romanelli, Recipient of John Oliver Simon Award,
to Read at PublicUs



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