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Fun Facts About the Wetlands Park




  Wells Trailhead was named for actress Dawn Wells, best known
for her portrayal of MaryAnn on Gilligan’s Island. Ms. Wells and her family
have many ties to Southern Nevada.


Historic Root Cellar found at the Wetlands Park
Near the Wells Trailhead a discovery was made of a 1900’s-era root cellar, which archaeologists excavated, catalogued, crated and shipped to the Clark County Museum. Now on Display!  
The Homestead and Lower Narrows Weir Project
The Homestead and Lower Narrows weirs project, in view of Well Trailhead, was named the Environmental Project of the Year by the American Public Works Association (APWA) Nevada Chapter in 2012. The weirs now provide 29 acres of wetland ponds, 3 miles of walking trails and a half-mile scenic drive within the Wetlands Park. Winner 2013 SNWA Landscape Award (3rd Place)


Awards given to the Wetlands Park  


See What Visitors are saying about the Wetlands Park

my Parks & Recreation because:


“I learned that there are so many interesting animals & plants that I didn’t realize could survive in the desert.”
Melissa Hamada age 19

Unbelievable...what a great place. Mother Earth lets keep her going.
Carol Kardt age 65

“It’s so awesome to have a natural wetland to visit and explore. A nice break from the city!”
Cherylyn Longoria age 46

“We get to explore nature in this big city!”
Haley age 21

“It’s child friendly and very educational and the kids and adults love it!”
Tyler/Payton age 8/4

Gonzaio age 6

“I enjoy bird watching. My Parks provide numerous birding opportunities. Thank You!” 
Robert Wilkin  age 49

“Because there are so many hands on activities to do.”
MaryMar Lopez age 19

“A good place to bring our grandson to check out.”
Yvonne Costello age 66

“Everything! Glad the nature center exhibits are done at the Wetlands Park”
Carrie McGuire age 40

“It is astounding how beautiful and educational it all can be! We love the things to do in ‘nature’!”
Ben Martinez age 12

“So many interesting choices for the kids. Extremely stimulating experience and a great hands-on staff!”
Brain Clapp age 38, Lila Clapp age, 6 Nathan age 4 and Wyatt age 2

“We get to walk through and enjoy things we don’t see in the city :)”
Martinez Family


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