Clark County was separated from Lincoln County in 1909 by the Nevada State Legislature and Governor Denver Dickerson; Clark County's centennial was celebrated throughout 2009.

Clark County Parks and Recreation and the Friends of Winchester Park's Public Art
Committee marked the anniversary with the Clark County Centennial Mural. Of approximately 80 works submitted by artists living in the county, the jury chose “Everyone’s A Scientist,” by Brian Porray. His digital artwork is based on a photo of the
November 8, 1995, implosion of the Landmark Hotel, the implosion Porray calls “the
best of the best,” the one featured in the film “Mars Attacks.” He heightened the scene with imagery adapted from his “Speed Racer” video game.        

The digital image was enlarged, printed on a 16-by-12-foot vinyl canvas and mounted on a steel frame on the front of Clark County’s Winchester Theater at 3130 S. McLeod Drive.

A second-generation Las Vegan, Porray grew up admiring the Landmark Hotel, “a real landmark in a city that didn’t have many.” When the Landmark was finally imploded, he says that the crash was not only the end of a hotel. “That implosion set the valley in motion as a signal of what’s to come,” as one of the earliest dominos in a series that rocked the city and defined it over the last two decades.

So Porray says his computer-constructed image is not just nostalgic, but an optimistic look at the future and a portent of the new Las Vegas rising from the dust. “The phoenix is a pretty common symbol seen in all the implosions.”

The vinyl mural of Porray’s work is expected to last at least five years. At some point it may be replaced by another work as a continuing tribute to the longevity of Clark County. The mural was dedicated June 20, 2009.

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