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CENTERED: 10 Artists Create
Art in 10 Clark County Medians

Clark County's public art project "Centered," takes empty road islands throughout Clark County and beautifies them with art. The artists for the project were selected by a panel of local artists, arts educators, and a representative of the Clark County Public Works Department.

The panel selected 10 local artists from more than 46 other artists who applied to create public art in 10 Clark County street medians. The selected artists are: Chris Bauder, Adolfo Gonzalez, K.D. Matheson, Chris O'Rourke, Zak Ostrowski, the team of Eric Pawloski and Robin Stark, Miguel Rodriguez, Jesse Smigel, Luis Varela-Rico and Holly Ray Vaughn to create the median art.

Chris Bauder "Night Eyes"

Adolfo Gonzalez "Octosteam"

K.D. Matheson "Anthropos"

Holly Ray Vaughn "Gem"
Miguel Rodriguez "Jaguar"
Zak Ostrowski, Drew Gregory, &
Clemente Cicoria (ZDC)
"Arc Spine"
Eric Pawloski & Robin Stark
Luis Varela-Rico "Norte y Suerte"
Chris O'Rourke "Native Dance"
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