Reservations are required.  

Reservation Forms (PDF)
CCPR Fees & Charges (PDF)   

Facility Restrictions  
No Commercial Usage The sales of goods, merchandise or services are not permitted on premises.    

Food & Beverage
Food and beverages are permitted.  This facility does have a oven, range Refrigerator.   

Tables and chairs will be provided at user’s request.   

No Smoking or Alcoholic Beverages
Smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages are not permitted anywhere within Hollywood Recreation Center.   

Excessive Noise Levels
The playing of loud music or the creation of any other disturbing noises will not be permitted anywhere in Hollywood Recreation Center.   

Setup and Cleanup
Setup and cleanup are the responsibility of the renter and should be conducted during the reservation times the renter request. Additional fees will be assessed if rooms are not cleaned, organized and returned to their proper order.   

Cleaning Deposit
A cleaning deposit of $100.00 may be required for certain types of rentals.  This amount will be refunded if the premises are left clean and undamaged and the event concluded on time.  Clark County reserves the right to bill for any damages or excess cleaning required due to renter use.  

Multi-Purpose Room: Perfect for larger parties (i.e. showers, anniversaries, graduation parties, meetings, etc.)
2,000 square feet. 43’X38’
Maximum Occupancy: 80

Kitchen: Must be rented in conjunction with Multi-Purpose room

Equipment Included 8ft rectangle tables – 8’x30”  (15 tables)
Round tables – 5ft in diameter 8 –10 chairs around table (9 tables)
Red folding chairs - 145    

Town Hall/Meeting Room: Model room for corporate use (i.e. business meetings, trainings, seminars, etc.) This room is reservable for meetings only.

Maximum Occupancy: 65-70

Art Room A: Ideal for small events, excellent room for clubs and organizations for various activities (i.e. arts & crafts, card games, birthday parties, baby showers, etc.)

Maximum Occupancy: 45

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