Paradise Open Gym
Open gym is an opportunity for individuals to experience fun recreational activities in a non-competitive setting. All participants must follow open gym and center guidelines at all times. Failure to obey the guidelines will result in removal from the facility and possible suspension from all center activities.  All participants must complete a Gymnasium Rules Form.

Open Gym Schedule

Activity Age Day Time Price
Basketball18+Tu & Th10:30am–1:30pm

$2 drop-in
$12 a month
$22 a month
(includes fitness room)

Basketball18+Wed5:00pm–7:30pm$2 drop-in
$12 a month
$22 a month
(includes fitness room)
Basketball13-17Wed & Fri3:00pm–5:00pmFree


Pickleball50+Tu & Th8:00am-10:30am




A government issued ID is required for registration. If the patron is under the age of 18 years old a school ID will be accepted.

This facility is used for many purposes.  We strive to keep this facility in proper working condition.  If there is anything that needs to be addressed, please advise the Front Desk.  We also ask that your actions provide for a family friendly atmosphere.
We hold ourselves and others responsible for their behavior.  Inform staff immediately if you see or hear anything that displays inappropriate content, is unsafe, or is disrespectful to self, others, equipment, or facility.
We treat everyone with dignity.  We recognize the value of each individual as a human being.  Inappropriate gestures or language, bullying, and violent behavior are not allowed.  We recognize the value of this facility and its equipment as an asset to this community and show the respect towards these valued assets.  Gum, food or drinks are not allowed in the gymnasium, unless it is water in a sealed container.  We respect that others recreate in different manners and allow them to recreate in a respectful manner.
Open & Inclusive Government
We appreciate ideas that generate an increase in the use of our facilities.  If you have a suggestion for an activity or program that interests you, please discuss this with the Recreation Program Supervisor or Recreation Specialist.

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