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What: Social Sports Network

Who: Adults 18+ years of age

Where: All over! We try to move our activities all around the Vegas valley

When: Year round! We offer year round kickball leagues and FootGolf tournaments. We have the annual Over the Line tournaments and Open Play Dodgball (free) every Friday night.

Why?: Well, why not! Our goal is to offer activities for adults with all kinds of interest. After years of seeing your typical sports offered all over town, we decided it was time to open up our playbook. Our goal is to offer quality, fun sports where the social interaction and comradery are the main focus. We understand that winning is always fun, but the Social Sports Network is here to make sure that every night is a good night. Clark County Parks and Recreation is here to help you, Discover your “IT”….and we think we have just what you’re looking for.

Contact Richard at (702) 455-8334 for more information

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