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Photo from Review-Journal 2013: "Tatiana Hantig paints a utility box in the pattern of a desert tortoise outside of Desert Breeze Park Community Center Oct. 21, 2013, in Las Vegas"


Initiated in 2005 by Clark County Parks and Recreation in the Winchester Neighborhood, the original Zap! project was produced to help celebrate the City of Las Vegas’ Centennial 100 Murals project. Almost immediately, Zap! was embraced by both the arts community and the public at large. Over the years, the Zap! Public Art Series has become a vehicle for bringing public art to neighborhoods throughout the Las Vegas Valley and Clark County. In 2013, when the Clark County Commission created the County Arts Plan, Zap! was a cornerstone for the newly-funded public arts program. This popular series will continue to grow and evolve as the Public Arts Program rises to serve Clark County and its arts community.

Public art makes a metropolis a community; it civilizes and creates identity. The vision of Zap! is one of an enriched Clark County with engaging public spaces in which citizens and visitors encounter art that will surprise, delight, and complement the County’s commitment to excellence in urban design. This vision represents a County, whose art celebrates its diversity and history, pointing to an even richer future in which creativity is treasured in the urban landscape.

Zap! gives us imaginative images, by many different local artists, to absorb and experience as we go about our everyday lives. It shows tourists who come here that creative people live in Nevada. And it helps to provide a living for the extraordinary artists who we are lucky enough to have living in southern Nevada.


Zap 12: Mount Charleston, 2019

Zap 10: On East Cheyenne, 2018

Zap 9: Lone Mountain, 2017

Zap 8: Zapped by the River!, 2016

Zap 7: on Maryland Parkway, 2015

Zap 6: in Parkdale & Whitney Neighborhoods, 2014

Zap 5: at Desert Breeze Park

Zap 4: in the Cambridge Neighborhood

Zap 3: in Historic West Las Vegas

Zap 2: Paradise Park Neighborhood Art

Zap! Winchester Neighborhood Art 


Zap Project Numbers Chart (PDF)

ZAP in the Media

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