Zap6: Parkdale & Whitney Neighborhoods, 2014

(2014) Artists Eyob Mergia, Robert Nelson, Jevijoe Vitug, Scott Grow, Ozzy Villate, Kyle Cobos, Erica Deutsch, K.D. Matheson, Susanne Forestieri and Giorgio Guidi painted utility boxes in the Whitney neighborhood and in front of the newly rebuilt Parkdale Community Center. This was the sixth ZAP project in Clark County since 2005. Essential partners were NV Energy and Las Vegas Valley Water District.

Zap6 Parkdale Are Map
Zap6 Whitney Area Map

Erica Deutsch


Eyob Mergia



Giorgio Guidi


Scott Grow


Jevijoe Vitug


K.D. Matheson


Kyle Cobos


Ozzy Villate


Robert Nelson




Susanne Forestieri


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