analog-dialogue-k-millerKim Miller is  a visual arts using mixed media collages and writing.
Her collage work has been used for theatrical show posters, postcards, and podcast cover art. Her new collected called Analog/Dialogue featuring collage and watercolor. Her new works have a handmade quality which is a scarce in the digital age. Each collage has an opening line of text from a letter someone has been meaning to send for days weeks or years but has not sent. Kim's hope is that these unsent lines would inspire you to send a letter yourself to someone you've meant to write. All the art in her new gallery showing at the Winchester will be given out for free to people who visit her web and submit sentence explaining who the collage is going to. This giveaway is done in hopes for people to share connect with one another via art and writing. 


Current Exhibit:
Winchester Gallery

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