6/3/2016 - Duck / Duckling Public Service Announcement

CCPR Duckling PSAThere are DUCKS in my yard!

What do I do?
Discourage nesting!
- Shoo adult ducks away before eggs are laid.
- Use a pool cover or float beach balls in your pool to make your yard less welcoming.
- Do not feed! Never feed wild animals.

The ducklings have already hatched!
If you have a duck family in your pool, let them stay.
- Make a little ramp or stairway in your pool so the ducklings can get out.
- Keep pets away from the ducklings.
- Leave a shallow dish of fresh water for them, but do not feed.
- The mother duck has a plan—she will lead them to another body of water when they are ready. Ducklings take about eight weeks to fly, but the mother may lead them away much sooner.

Why not move them to a local park?
It’s harmful to the ducks.
- If you plop a new duck family where other ducks are living, they can be aggressive. Without the protection of a male duck, the female and ducklings can be injured. Ducks will not "adopt" ducklings from other parents.
It’s against the law.
- It is against state and federal law to disturb migratory birds, including nests or eggs.
- It is against Clark County ordinance to remove or drop off an animal at any Clark County park.

Learn more about how to Keep Wildlife Wild:
US Fish & Wildlife Service: www.fws.gov (702) 515-5230
Nevada Dept. of Wildlife: www.ndow.org (702) 486-5127

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