Clark County Public Arts office

Call for Artist Teams
Renaissance Fair Carnival Face Cutouts

Clark County Public Arts office is seeking a professional art team to submit a proposal for Renaissance Fair wood panel carnival face cutouts. The theme is 16th century medieval era court, king, queen, knight, jester, princess, and fair maiden.  Artist teams must include two or more artists. As a team you will be required to show proficiency in painting, carpentry, and possibly metal fabrication to submit the proposal. One person from the team is to be identified as the team lead. That person will be contracted with Clark County, and will receive the funding to compensate the rest of the team.  Teams will be required to create a letter of intent, and provide previous examples of artwork or specialty skills from each team member. The winning team will have a budget of five thousand dollars for the design and fabrication of at least three (3) wooden carnival face cutout scenes; with stands, art created, and all necessary materials/supplies. The County will keep all artwork and display as they see fit for future events. Deadline for call is August 22nd, 3:00 p.m.

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