Silverbowl Archery Range Closure

We know that our natural areas, parks, trails and amenities are heavily utilized and are grateful for your stewardship and participation.  Occasionally however, we must close a park or facility for safety reasons, needed repair, or consolidation of services and associated resources.  To that end, the Silverbowl Archery Range will close permanently on
October 7, 2016 as identified as part of our long range planning efforts to expand the Wetlands Park trail system and develop a  professionally designed archery range with improved safety and maintenance controls. 

While we work to identify potential relocation sites in the Southeast area of the Valley, we encourage you to visit the archery range at the Clark County Shooting Complex located at 11357 North Decatur Blvd.  This facility offers a family-oriented, fixed distance, shaded archery range with targets out to 100 yards and a two mile 3D course with  a wide selection of targets at varying distances.  A separate large shade structure with 8 picnic tables and BBQ grill is located onsite and  rental equipment for all ages is available for a nominal fee.  For more information, please call 702-455-2000 or visit our website at:

Also, be sure to check out the City of Henderson's Whitney Mesa archery area at 1990 Patrick Lane in Henderson.  Please contact the City of Henderson Parks and Recreation Department at 702-267-4050 for more information regarding specific hours of operation and facility guidelines.

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