shelly-willis-6-2019 Shelly L. Willis 

For more than 25 years Shelly Willis has managed public art programs and projects in city, county, and state government organizations throughout the country including directing the City and County of Sacramento and the University of Minnesota's public art programs.  She has taught classes focusing on public art issues and ideas and gallery management at colleges and Universities in California and Minnesota.  Willis is the co-editor of the book, Public Art Practice, published by Routledge New York in 2008.

Topics covered:

Defining how you fit (or don't fit) into the vast public art system and where to focus your time and attention to enable you to make and sell your work in the public realm.

Strategies for funding and manifesting your ideas outside of standard public art program systems. 

Methods for working with the client and/or community to develop, fund, and get support for your idea, vision, and concept.

Click here for Shelly Willis's full bio (PDF)

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