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Sandstone Online - Clark County's monthly electronic newsletter.

District A Newsletter - Commissioner Steve Sisolak's electronic newsletter about happenings in District A.

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District B Newsletter - Commissioner Marilyn Kirkpatrick's electronic newsletter about happenings in District B.

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District C Newsletter - Commissioner Larry Brown's electronic newsletter about happenings in District C.

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District D Newsletter - Commissioner Lawrence Weekly's electronic newsletter about happenings in District D.

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District E Newsletter - Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani's electronic newsletter about happenings in District E.

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District F Newsletter - Commissioner Susan Brager's electronic newsletter about happenings in District F.

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District G Newsletter - Commissioner James B. Gibson's electronic newsletter about happenings in District G.

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Rural Connections - A Monthly Newsletter Dedicated to the events and activities of Clark County’s Rural Communities.


Air Quality Alerts Concerned about the air we share? This service is an automatic notification of the Valley’s air quality status when advisories are issued. Choose your format below.

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Building Permit and Inspection News– Sign up to receive monthly newsletters and periodic updates from the Department of Building to be informed of happenings within the department, permit statistics, building code updates, and policy and procedure changes.

Emergency News - A practical and useful service that provides instant notification of emergency events such as floods and other natural disasters, severe weather alerts, AMBER alerts for child abduction notification and terrorism alerts.

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Fire Prevention News – Sign up to be informed of happenings and/or notifications from the Fire Prevention Bureau.

Job Announcements – If you are interested in employment opportunities with Clark County, then this is the service for you! By signing-up, you will receive regular notifications of job opportunities with our organization.

News & Information – For those interested in what’s going on in Clark County, this service includes a subscription to Sandstone Monthly, the quarterly Sandstone Online and special news bulletins.

Recreational & Cultural Events– This is a great resource to learn about upcoming and exciting events of interest to you and your family. Events are held at Clark County Parks and Recreation facilities.

Retail and Medical Marijuana – Sign up to receive notifications from the Clark County Department of Business License regarding retail and medical marijuana.

Safekey– This bulletin is for families whose children are enrolled in Clark County Parks and Recreation's Safekey program, or anyone who is interested in County Safekey. Information will include news and updates about the program.

Extreme Thing– Clark County Parks & Recreation's one andy only premier action sports/music festival.   For more information visit http://www.extremething.com

Ren Fair - Age of Chivalry.  Clark County Parks & Recreation's Renaissance Festival.  for more information visit http://www.lvrenfair.com

Clark County Shooting Complex– Welcome to the Clark County Shooting Complex Email Sign up page, a service that put you in touch with the services provided by the Clark County Shooting Complex as well as keeps you up to date on the events scheduled at the complex! Our goal is to keep you informed on all the events and activities at the complex! For more information visit this website  

Visual Artists– This incredible resource is for visual artists and art patrons looking for opportunities to exhibit art, attend art shows or apply for public art projects. By subscribing you will be informed of art opportunities available in Clark County on a regular basis.

DA Weekly Wrap-up– Subscribe to receive a summary of the happenings with the Clark County District Attorney's office.

Election Department Newsletter– Sign up to learn about what’s new for voters and candidates in the coming election. This regular newsletter will also keep you informed of important dates and deadlines for the next election. Remember, Don’t Lose Your Voice. Vote!


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