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'Can' Your Greasy Food Scraps

​       The Clark County Water Reclamation District encourages everyone to put their Holiday drippings, fats, oils, greases and grit in the trash, not their drain. Greasy food items down the drain can cause expensive and messy sewer stoppages and overflows.

      Everyone is also also invited to recycle their holiday cooking oil by dropping of large quantities of oil to be recycled into biofuel. There are four locations throughout the valley for residents to drop off their cooking oil to be recycled.

       "Use your trash can instead of your sink to dispose of greasy left overs like gravy, cooking grease and turkey skin. If you are deep frying a turkey or roast this holiday season, please recycle your oil," said Commissioner Larry Brown, Chairman of the Clark County Water Reclamation District Board of Trustees. "Holiday festivities always include extra cooking. Deep fried turkey and other holiday meals are delicious, but the leftover cooking oils, fats and greases can cause trouble if not properly disposed. If you wash these items down the sink, you may need to include your plumber on your Christmas gift list!"

       The Water Reclamation District is partnering with Clark County Parks and Recreation and Darling Ingredients to provide four convenient locations to drop off cooking oil to be recycled. Collection will be available Monday, December 26 through Sunday, January 15 at Desert Breeze Park and Community Center at 8275 Spring Mountain Road, Dr. William U. Pearson Park and Community Center at 1625 W. Carey Avenue, Mountain Crest Park at 4701 N. Durango and Sunset Park (Administration building parking lot) at 2601 E. Sunset Road.

Used cooking oil that is collected gets recycled into biofuel.
Biofuel is used for fueling trucks, buses and vehicles.

       Residents should return the used oil to the original container or a milk jug, seal it and drop it off in the containment areas next to the collection bins. "Just Can It"! Smaller amounts of used cooking oil and grease should be put into a can and disposed of in the garbage.

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