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Commissioners, Metro Police Encourage Responsible Donating to Help the Homeless

            Commissioners and representatives from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department are asking residents to donate responsibly to help the homeless this holiday season, and use to find information about donating to local organizations that help the needy.


            "Giving spare change, food or clothes to a homeless person on the street may seem like a good idea, but that generous act can have unintended consequences that actually hurt our community and the homeless who we are trying to help," Commissioner Marilyn Kirkpatrick said. "Instead, we are asking people to channel their donations to the programs and organizations that provide long-term solutions to homelessness. We are calling this responsible donating, and it will ensure that your donation makes a meaningful change in someone's life."


            "When we give money or food to someone on the street, we are helping them remain on the streets and deterring them from seeking out the services and programs that could help them escape homelessness," Metro Police Deputy Chief Chris Jones said. "Also, too often the food, blankets and other items given directly to the homeless on the streets end up creating a significant amount of trash and other health and safety issues for the homeless. For example, we have seen people darting across busy streets and getting into fights over sandwiches someone is handing out."


            Information about donating to local organizations that work with the homeless is available at Some of the organizations provide meals, clothes and other items to the homeless, in addition to providing services such as case management, job training, and mental health and substance abuse treatment. The website also has information about volunteer opportunities with various organizations.


            Whether you are planning to donate money, food, clothes or other items, or looking to volunteer to help the homeless, make your donation lead to meaningful change in someone's life. Help our homeless get the most from your generous donation by donating directly to a cause or organization that works with the homeless. Help Change Lives. Donate Responsibly.


Last modified on 11/19/2018 10:15