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County Clerk Receives National Innovator Award

          Clark County Clerk Lynn Goya received a national award for improving the process for licensing the marriage officiants who perform marriages here, officials announced today.


          Goya received the International Association of Government Officials (iGO) 2019 Innovator Award for the Clerk's division, which recognizes unique accomplishments and best practices in local government. The Clerk was recognized for implementing a training program that ensures prospective officiants understand the steps they need to follow to perform a legal marriage in Nevada, and for reducing the amount of paperwork required from applicants, which streamlined the application process for both the applicants and office staff.


          "The new program has been received with surprising enthusiasm," Goya said. "Even some existing officiants who are not required to take the course, have gone through the training and found it very helpful."


          The training course was developed by the Clerk's Office in consultation with focus groups comprised of local officiants. The course typically takes one to two hours and is offered once a month. Prior to the change, prospective officiants received no official training. Instead, they were required to be notaries or provide documentation from a religious organization stating they were authorized to perform marriages. Goya removed the religious requirement, which in turn eliminated the need for that documentation, and the need for Clerk's Office staff to verify that documentation and the existence of any specific religious organization. This has reduced the time staff needs to process applications by about 1,000 hours annually.


          More than 4,500 people are licensed wedding officiants through the County Clerk's Office, which also issues approximately 80,000 marriage licenses per year to couples from more than 160 countries around the world. Goya was first elected Clark County Clerk in 2014 and was reelected to the position last year. During her tenure as County Clerk, Goya has been received several awards and recognition for her achievements and implementation of best practices in the office. Her biography is available online at


          The International Association of Government Officials is a leading organization for local officials, fostering excellence in public service through education, innovation, and networking. Goya was recently elected to serve on the association's board as division director for the clerks' division.


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