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DA Family Support Climbs Another Four Spots in National Ranking

​       Preliminary figures for the Federal Fiscal Year ending 2018 have just been released, and all indications are that the Nevada Child Support Program has moved up to the 9th spot on the Federal Performance Measures Rankings of all states/territories. Nevada was 13th on the same list last year, rising from the 36th spot just seven years ago. Clark County DA Family Support (DAFS) is responsible for 59% of Nevada’s entire child support enforcement program caseload.

       "I am continually impressed by the great work done by our DAFS team," said District Attorney Steve Wolfson. "Prior to me becoming the District Attorney, Nevada was ranked 54th in the country. When I took over the office in 2012, Nevada was ranked 36th in the nation. Under the leadership of DAFS Director, Jeff Witthun, and Assistant Director, Suzi Truby, we continue to improve each year. These numbers translate into more money getting to the children in our community."

       The Family Support division of the District Attorney’s Office is one of four divisions and has over 300 hard-working employees. This is nearly half of all the employees in the District Attorney’s entire office. In the last fiscal year, DAFS collected a record $132,472,748.50, which is an improvement of $2.6 million more than the previous year.

       "In addition to the improvements in our overall national ranking, we are collecting a record-high 72.21% of current child support owed," said DAFS Director Jeff Witthun. "Our team has over 51,000 open cases, and 95% of the money collected by our office goes directly to the families. This is life-changing to many of the children and families we serve."

       The national ranking considers five different categories; Paternity Establishment, Current Support, Arrears, Order Rate and Cost Effectiveness. In addition to the improvement in the overall ranking, Nevada is 3rd best in the nation in the Paternity Establishment category and improved again this year in the areas of Current Support, Order Rate and Arrears.


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