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FEMA Releases 1 October After-action Report

​       Leaders of public safety agencies need to be aware that mass casualty incidents are a reality and could take place in their communities. With that in mind, the Clark County Fire Department and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department have worked together with the assistance of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to share lessons learned from the experiences of the 1 October incident.

       This report, released today, highlights lessons learned and best practices that took place that evening in an effort to provide communities with valuable insight and prepare them should a similar tragedy occur.

       The report includes 72 observations and concludes that the first-responders' "successes were the product of an investment in joint training by public safety leadership, the decisive actions of first responders, and an outpouring of support from federal, state, and local partners, private entities, and individual citizens."

       Critical events faced by today's public safety agencies cannot be effectively managed without cooperation and coordination, officials said. The report includes a timeline of what occurred on 1 October as well as a table laying out what local officials have done dating back to 2005 to prepare Las Vegas and Clark County for emergencies such as this.   

       Clark County Fire Chief Greg Cassell described the report as a "valuable tool for communities around the nation. We appreciate the collaboration between Metro, FEMA and Clark County Fire on the creation of this report," which he said was dedicated in honor of the 58 lives taken, hundreds injured, the civilians who provided care and those who transported the injured that night, as well as all the responders and other individuals affected by the event.

       "The observations and recommendations found within this report identify, highlight, and document the numerous lessons learned during this unprecedented incident. This report is a resource for Southern Nevada public safety agencies, as well as for public safety agencies across the country, in their continued efforts to improve response capabilities related to incidents of mass violence," the report stated.


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