Contact: Mickey Sprott
Phone: (702) 455-8685

Free Public Art Professional Education Workshop Series & Networking Opportunity

​       The class, which runs from 10 a.m. to noon followed by an hour-long question-and-answer period, will be held:

  • Saturday, February 9, at the Pearson Community Center, 1625 W Carey Ave, Las Vegas. NV, 89032; and 
  • Sunday, February 10, at the Clark County Government Center, 500 S. Grand Central Parkway, in downtown Las Vegas.

       This Two-hour long workshop followed by an hour of questions is led by City of Phoenix Public Art Project Manager Elizabeth Grajales. Elizabeth takes you on a journey into the beautiful field of Public Art. This presentation and workshop will discuss the potential of public art, how to navigate its challenges, and provide a guide to landing public art commissions.

       Prior to joining the staff, Elizabeth worked as a studio artist exhibiting her large-scale pastel drawings nationally from 1980 to 1990 in galleries and museums. In 1990 she received a commission from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to create a 32' X 4' pastel drawing at Bowling Green Subway Station in NYC and her interested in public art was ignited. With her new interest in public art she returned to school to study ceramics at Parson School of Design so that she could translate her imagery into permanent durable material. In 1992 she started Elizabeth Grajales Architectural Ceramics and received public art commissions from 1992 to 2000. Her ceramic tile work adorns public school and public spaces in NYC. Her two large-scale ceramic mosaic murals can be seen at Penn Station, 34th Street, NYC.
       Her work has always been about nature. In 2001 she changed directions and returned to school to study landscape architecture at City College in NYC, so she could do something for nature. After graduating she worked for the Saratoga Associates in NYC as a designer and construction manager and for Abel Bainnson Butz overseeing their tree-planting program.  In 2007 she moved to Phoenix with the opportunity to combine her experience as an artist, landscape architect and project manager for the Office of Arts and Culture Public Art Program. She is responsible for managing the implementation of multiple public art projects including artwork integration into such significant infrastructure as freeway pedestrian bridges, water plants, fire stations, police stations, streetscapes, parks and libraries.

       She holds a B.FA. degree from Arizona State University, a B.S. degree in Landscape Architecture from the City College of New York.


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