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James Regional Sports Park to Receive Donation of Defibrillators from Adamsheart Foundation

Clark County Commissioner Michael Naft and County staff will accept the donation of four defibrillators from the Adamsheart Foundation at James Regional Sports Park at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 11, during a ceremony near field one. The sports park, located at 8400 W. Robindale Road in the southwest valley, is the first county park to have defibrillators installed on its grounds.

The Adamsheart Foundation,, was started by three local soccer moms after one of their sons, Adam Afromsky, collapsed during a 2012 Nevada State championship game after suffering a  sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). The foundation is dedicated to getting Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) installed in outdoor sports venues. Adam's survival is credited to the quick actions of a doctor and nurse who happened to be on the field nearby and started CPR, and the fast arrival of an ambulance crew with an AED.
Sudden cardiac arrest is a condition where the heart suddenly stops beating. Unlike a heart attack, which is caused when blood flow to the heart is blocked, SCA occurs when electrical impulses to the heart vanish. When SCA strikes, the time it takes to use an AED on victims is directly related to their chances of survival.

"James Regional Sports Complex is Clark County's largest soccer venue, and I was thrilled to be able to partner with Adamsheart to ensure these life-saving devices are installed here first," said Commissioner Naft, whose District A includes the complex. "We are proud to partner with the Adamsheart Foundation and deeply appreciate the work it is doing in our community to improve public health and safety. I am hopeful that the program can expand throughout Clark County."

To date the foundation's efforts have resulted in the installation of about 30 units in red, heart-shaped cases on sports fields in the Las Vegas, Henderson and Mesquite. Funding for the AEDs, costing about $1,200 each, is paid for by donations. Each unit installed at James Regional Sports Park will contain a plaque in memory of a local child who has passed away as a result of an accident or health tragedy. The names of the children are Brooke Hawley, Hillary Lavoie, Haylei Hughes, and Moises Rivera. All of the children played soccer on teams affiliated with the Las Vegas Sports Academy, which donated funding for the AEDs. Representatives of the families and the soccer club will be in attendance at Wednesday's ceremony in support of the foundation's efforts. 

"Adamsheart Foundation recognizes it isn't a matter of if someone is going to have a Sudden Cardiac Arrest, but when, and our goal is to make sure that AEDs are nearby when they are needed," said Brenda Buckley, a co-founder of Adamsheart.

The 108-acre James Regional Sports Park opened in October 2018 with nine soccer fields. The facility's full buildout is scheduled to be complete in the spring of 2020 with the addition of seven more fields.



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