Contact: Dan Kulin
Phone: (702) 455-5534

Neighborhood Justice Center Offering Mediation by Phone

          The Neighborhood Justice Center (NJC) offers free mediation to Clark County landlords and tenants who have experienced rent collection or payment difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic.  All landlords and tenants are encouraged to enter into payment plans pursuant to the Governor’s Emergency Directive 008 and Emergency Directive 025.

          Landlords and tenants will benefit from mediating a plan to take away the uncertainty of handling rental arrearages and their future tenancy.  An agreement between the parties will be created in mediation, ensuring the tenant the ability to stay in the residence and avoid eviction while also ensuring the landlord will be paid for rental payments that have fallen into default.  The mediation process saves money, and stress by avoiding litigation.  

          The NJC is also offering telephone mediation for small claims issues. If you have a pending small claims trial, you may mediate prior to your scheduled court date.  Both plaintiffs and defendants in small claims actions will benefit from mediation as it has the advantage of saving time and money and the ability to come to a mutually agreed upon result, rather than having a court impose a resolution.

          The NJC was established by the Nevada Legislature as a “forum for the impartial mediation of minor disputes including, but not limited to, disputes between landlord and tenant, neighbors, family members, local businesses and their customers, hospitals and their patients, and governmental agencies and their clients. . .” The NJC is charged with conducting mediations, providing alternative conflict resolution services, and training throughout all of Clark County. The NJC has a panel of trained and experienced mediators who successfully mediate a broad range of issues.

          All mediations will be led by experienced mediators with the NJC.  At this time, mediations will be conducted telephonically to ensure responsible social distancing.  During the mediation, the mediator will guide the parties as they work together to create a mutually agreed upon settlement. A settled agreement allows the parties to work out a solution that will minimize or alleviate the need for future legal action.

          Either party may start the mediation process by downloading and submitting the Mediation Intake Form from the website or by calling 702-455-3898. Once the Mediation Intake Form is received, each side will be contacted. If both parties agree to mediate, a telephonic mediation will be scheduled. 


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