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New Vegas Strong Resiliency Center to Serve Victims of 1 October Harvest Festival Shooting

​​The Family Assistance Center set up at the Las Vegas Convention Center to meet the immediate needs of victims, family members and those affected by the 1 October Harvest Festival shooting will transition into a new model of service in upcoming days to support the longer-term needs of people coping with the incident.

Starting Monday, Oct. 23, the Vegas Strong Res​iliency Center​​, located at the Lied Ambulatory Care Center, at 1524 Pinto Lane in Las Vegas near Martin Luther King Boulevard, will begin serving as a resource and referral center for victims, survivors and people affected by 1 October. Anyone interested in accessing services should call (702) 455-AIDE (2433) or 1-833-299-AIDE (2433) for information or to schedule appointments. Services to be provided at the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center include victim advocacy and support, counseling and spiritual care referrals, legal and documentation replacement referral, transportation help and technical assistance accessing online resources including FBI Victim Assistance Services. Initial operational hours will be 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Information about programs and services offered at the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center also will be available on Clark County's website at

"The initial focus of the Family Assistance Center was to provide immediate services to family members and friends of loved ones who died in the incident or were directly involved," said Clark County Deputy Fire Chief John Steinbeck, who serves as Clark County's Emergency Manager. "Now we are transitioning to a more permanent service model to help people connect with services they may need over time to help them build resilience and strength in the aftermath of this incident."
Drawing from the experiences of Boston, Orlando and other communities that have suffered similar incidents, the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center will serve as a resource and referral hub for anyone impacted by the incident including residents, visitors and responders. Multiple community partners will help support the center including local, state and nonprofit agencies.

On-site recovery of personal effects left behind at the concert venue will continue at the Family Assistance Center in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, 3150 Paradise Road, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily this week through Friday, Oct. 20.  The South Hall is best accessed off Sierra Vista Drive by Swenson Street. In addition to personal property recovery, other services that will continue to be offered at the
South Hall location through Friday include American Red Cross casework, crisis counseling and spiritual care, and victim compensation. Computer stations also are set up at the Family Assistance Center to help provide online and telephone access to a variety of services with the help of on-site advocates. Services include lodging, travel and transportation, DMV documentation recovery, and legal assistance. Online access to the FBI's website also is available.

Since Oct. 5, more than 3,600 people have requested services through the Convention Center location or the (702) 455-AIDE (2433) or 1-833-229-AIDE help lines. The most requested services have been crisis counseling, spiritual care and recovery of belongings left behind at the concert venue.  

The process of releasing personal effects to people who lost belongings at the concert venue is being managed by the FBI's Victim Services Division. When the Convention Center South Hall Family Assistance Center closes on Oct. 20, property recovery services will be accessed online through the questionnaire located on the FBI's Victim Assistance Services Division's website at People who fill out the questionnaire are asked to provide their contact information and a description of the belongings lost. If items don't include your name or other identifying information for proof of ownership, it's best to provide the most detailed description possible. 

Since Oct. 8 when personal effects first became available for retrieval at the Family Assistance Center, about 800 people have come to the center to request personal effects left behind at the concert venue from the FBI. Belongings picked up have included cell phones, jewelry, wheelchairs, and lawn chairs. The FBI has also received more than 2,000 online questionnaires regarding belongings lost at the concert. People can also email inquiries to the FBI's Victim Services Division at Photos of items sought can be attached to emails sent to the LVFestivalAssist email address.

The FBI Victim Services Division has worked to catalog and recover thousands of items left behind at the concert site. The return of cell phones, driver's licenses and other forms of ID is an immediate priority for the agency. If you lost a cell phone, the FBI wants you to text message your name and a contact number to your cell phone. The FBI is powering up the phones and will call owners back to make arrangements to return phones.  No photos or video of personal effects brought from the concert venue to the Family Assistance Center will be released by Clark County or the FBI to respect the privacy of visitors and to make every effort possible to return property to its rightful owner. Photos of many unclaimed items will be available on the FBI's website at some time in the future. The FBI also is working to contact people individually if items found at the venue are known to belong to specific individuals because ID was included and is making arrangements to return items to owners.


Due to an obligation to protect the privacy and confidentiality of families, media will not be allowed inside the Family Assistance Center in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center or in the parking lot outside it. Confidentiality protocols also will be in place at the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center.  In the meantime, in cooperation with the LVCVA, we request media observe the following protocols in covering stories about the operation:

  • The LVCVA has set up a media staging area in a parking lot for live shots and reports from outside the facility. The staging area is located at the Diamond 2 Lot on Elvis Presley Blvd. between Las Vegas Blvd. and Paradise Road.
  • Off-property, the media are respectfully asked to be sensitive if approaching potential victims of this incident, their family members or others affected. No electronic equipment should be "rolling" at the time of the request – only after, and if, a request has been granted. Media is confined to conducting interviews in the media staging area while on property at the LVCVA.    


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