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Public Works Field Operations Opens

       Clark County has consolidated several operations into a new facility in the booming Southwest to help keep pace with the community's needs. 

       The Public Works Field Operations building includes a control room where the local school flasher system will operate and the traffic signal lights can be controlled, a shop for the production of street signs, a construction lab for testing concrete, asphalt, aggregate and soil compaction, staging for a small army of street sweepers and their operators, and the GPS office for County surveyors, and much more. 

       Clark County Commissioner Susan Brager, Public Works Director Denis Cederburg and others today celebrated with remarks and a ribbon-cutting.The 52,000-square-foot facility is located on 77.5 acres at 9935 S. Jones Blvd., south of Blue Diamond Road.

       "This facility had to be put on the shelf in 2009 during the recession as priorities changed," said Commissioner Susan Brager, whose district includes the facility. "I'm glad we can finally celebrate this project's opening and better serve the community while being a good neighbor to nearby residents."

       Occupying the building will be the maintenance & operations staff from the Traffic Management Division, the west valley street sweeping crew from the Road Division, the Construction Management Division's materials laboratory and a GPS office for the Survey Department – about 75 employees in all with room to grow.

       The multi-use site has been developed to provide parking for staff and visitors, fleet parking and exterior streetlight storage for the Traffic Division.  The total site is fenced with vertical lift "guillotine" gates, which provide better security than swing gates.

       The Traffic Management Division utilizes the most space within the first phase of the project. Its area includes four shops for staff and storage space for their four maintenance & operations units: Signs, Signals, Street lights and Markings . Also included: a warehouse and administrative offices.  The signals shop includes a control room where the school flasher system will operate and the traffic control devices can be monitored. 

       The Roads Division, with a crew of 8 street sweepers and two supervisors, has been provided with an exterior covered area with concrete tables and benches where the supervisors will be able to provide daily instruction to the field staff before they leave on assignment.

       The construction laboratory is a fully functional 5,000-square-foot facility where staff will perform tests on concrete, asphalt, aggregate and soil compaction to ensure they meet County standards for use on our roadway projects.  An adjacent office area includes a conference room, two offices, 10 cubicles and a staff break room.

       In a future phase, County Automotive, a fuel station and an auction yard currently situated on Stephanie Street at the far east end of Flamingo Road will be relocated to the multi-use center site, which is leased from the Bureau of Land Management.

       Architects LGA, Inc. designed a building that is energy-efficient and models sustainable building practices.


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