Clark County is looking for the best, qualified local firms possible to provide technical expertise and professional services to one of the most diverse counties in the nation that encompasses the world-renowned Las Vegas Strip, Laughlin and rural areas including Moapa, Searchlight and Indian Springs. Firms may apply for ranking as a Service provider or as a Service and Work provider. Works and Services category descriptions and qualifications are listed in the eSOQ Users Guide that is currently being updated for the next submittal period.
The following should be kept in mind when considering application, there are no exceptions to the general requirements:

  • Firms must have a local office and perform a majority of any work locally. The responsible project manager must also be located in the firms local office during the term of any contract with the County. The firm must also be able to legally execute contracts within its local office.
  • All firms are required to have an active business license to perform services in Clark County and must provide their Clark County Business License # at time of submittal.
  •  In order to be considered as a professional service provider, all firms must agree to meet the minimum County insurance requirements when selected for a Public Works project.
  • Firms proposing to provide a service must be a Prime for that service and must perform over fifty percent of the work.
  • Firms proposing to provide a work must perform over fifty percent of total work. Firms proposing to provide a work must be a Prime for those services as identified in each works chart.


A firm can submit to be a service provider or a service and work provider. A service provider must be the Prime for that service and perform over fifty percent of the work. A work provider must perform over fifty percent of the total work. The firm must also identify whether the component services of the work will be done by the firm as the Prime or by sub consultants. In both cases (whether by Prime or sub consultant), the firm listed must have submitted and been ranked in the pre-qualifications as a service provider for this service. The firm submitting to provide each work is required to be the Prime in certain services for each work as identified in the information package.

How many services and works can I apply to be pre-qualified as a provider?

A firm, if it so desires, can apply to provide all services with one exception: a firm can only apply to provide Surveying- Construction Staking: Major Project or Surveying - Construction Staking: Minor Project, but not both.

Firms applying to be a works provider can submit for all the requested works and are required to submit their qualifications for specific service categories as listed in the matrix for that particular works category. All firm sub consultants must be ranked on the current SOQ list.

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