(Per Title 30, Sections 1-10, 12, 13)

The DEVELOPER, at his own cost, shall perform and complete all off-site work and improvements which may consist of, but not limited to, streets, street name signs, traffic signs, sewers, water systems, fire hydrants, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, street lighting, driveways, drainage facilities, accesses, survey monuments, etc., hereinafter referred to as off-site improvements, and said off-site improvements shall be constructed in accordance with applicable ordinances, regulations, standards and specifications, and other requirements of CLARK COUNTY, NEVADA.

No off-site improvements shall commence until:

(a) off-site improvement plans have been approved by the Director of Public Works or his authorized representative;
(b) one-hundred percent (100%) of the plan-check and inspection fees have been paid; (c) performance security executed as required by CLARK COUNTY ordinances; and
(d) an off-site permit has been issued by the Director of Public Works, or his authorized representative.

The DEVELOPER shall notify the Director of Public Works no less than 24 hours in advance of the date and hour work on any of the following items is expected to begin, and thereafter if conditions develop to delay the start of work, the DEVELOPER agrees to notify the Director of Public Works of the delay not less than two hours before work is scheduled to begin:

  • Placing sewer, water, gas, power, telephone lines and fire hydrants.
  • Back-filling of sewer, water, gas, power and telephone lines. 
  • Placing concrete for curb, gutter, sidewalk, valley gutters, storm drain structures, manholes, street lighting foundations and alley gutters.
  • Placing Type I and Type II gravel base course. 
  • Priming base course. 
  • Placing street lighting and burn testing. 
  • Placing street name signs and traffic control signs.


(a) Whenever the Director of Public Works or his duly authorized representative inspects portion of work as mentioned hereinbefore, and finds the work performed to be in a satisfactory condition for inclusion in the completed project, the Director of Public Works of his duly authorized representative shall issue a statement of inspection which shall permit the DEVELOPER to perform the next phase of the construction. Ordinarily, not less than one continuous block of any one of the items of work mentioned will be approved.

(b) Inspection and approval of any item of work shall not forfeit the right of the COUNTY to require the corrections of quality, workmanship or materials at any time prior to the final acceptance of the project by the Director of Public Works, although previously approved by an oversight.

(c) Nothing herein shall relieve the DEVELOPER of the responsibility for proper construction of the off-site improvements and DEVELOPER shall maintain said improvements until the work has been accepted by the Director of Public Works.

The DEVELOPER shall, at its sole expense, provide for adjustments necessary to all existing utilities because of the work required by this agreement. 

The DEVELOPER shall perform and complete all off-site improvements in accordance with the regulations, specifications, and ordinances of the said County of Clark, and the construction plans approved by Clark County Public Works Department. The DEVELOPER shall obtain all required permits from other County, State, and Federal agencies, including but not limited to the Southern Nevada Health District, Nevada Department of Environmental Protection, and United States Army Corps of Engineers. 

The COUNTY shall have the right to require corrections to the construction plans by the DEVELOPER at any time before release of the bond (performance bond, cash deposit, or agreement in lieu of bond) required herein, of any item or items contained in this agreement which do not conform to COUNTY standard specifications, laws, regulations or ordinances, even though the plans for the item in question may have been approved by the Director of Public Works.

The DEVELOPER shall start said off-site improvements upon receipt of a COUNTY-approved off-site permit and said off-site improvements shall be completed prior to expiration of said permit in accordance with the required ordinances.

In the event the DEVELOPER fails to complete said improvements within said period or in the event the DEVELOPER in the COUNTY's opinion has created a safety hazard, the COUNTY, at its option, may proceed to complete said improvements at the expense of the DEVELOPER. The COUNTY may use the required performance bond as provided for hereinafter.

The DEVELOPER further agrees that, in addition to the above requirements, any and/or all such conditions, stipulations and agreements made by the DEVELOPER and the Board of County Commissioners and/or County Planning Commission of Clark County shall be fully performed. The

DEVELOPER further agrees that all work is to be performed by a qualified contractor licensed to do business in the State of Nevada and the County of Clark.

The DEVELOPER shall maintain, protect and take care of all work areas for the project, including any adjacent existing improvements, until its completion and acceptance by Clark County. Maintenance of any inhabited area of the development, and the adjacent streets and/or neighborhoods, shall include, but not be limited to, sweeping of the streets and keeping the gutters free of dirt and debris.

During move-in, construction and move-off, the DEVELOPER shall keep the site free and clear from dangerous accumulation of rubbish and debris and shall maintain sufficient and proper barricades, lights, etc., in accordance with the latest manual on the placement of traffic control devices accepted by the Department of Public Works for the protection of the public. Also, after excavation or placement of gravel, if the sub-grade and/or gravel base material is left exposed and in the opinion of the Director of Public Works is not properly maintained, thus causing either a rough riding surface or a dust problem, the Director of Public Works may require the DEVELOPER to do whatever is necessary to provide an adequate travel-way. If a detour is needed, the Director of Public Works shall determine to what extent it shall be maintained, which shall include the placing of temporary paving, if it is to be used for an extended period of time. 4 Final acceptance of the work will not be made by the COUNTY until the area (falling under this agreement) and adjacent property has been cleared of all rubbish, surplus materials and equipment resulting from the contractor's operations, to the satisfaction of the Director of Public Works.

The DEVELOPER shall indemnify and hold harmless the COUNTY, its officers, agents and employees, against and from any and all liability, loss, damage, claims, demands, costs and expenses of whatsoever nature, including court costs and attorney's fees, which result from injury to or death of any persons whomsoever, or against and from damage to or loss or destruction of property whatsoever when such injury death, loss, destruction or damage is due to or arises in connection with or as a result of any work done by the DEVELOPER in connection with the construction of the off-site improvements.

Upon completion of all the off-site improvements within the COUNTY right-of-way required hereby and prior to release of any performance security, the DEVELOPER shall furnish the Director of Public Works with an as-built plan which shall accurately indicate, by lettered dimensions, the location of all manholes, the location size and depth of all sewer mains, underground water, power, gas, and other lines, with street plans and profiles for the same, including laterals and "Y's" for connection of house service lines.

The DEVELOPER is responsible should any original or developed defects or failures appear within a period of one year from the date of acceptance of the work by the COUNTY. The DEVELOPER shall, at his own expense, make good such defects and failures and make all replacements and adjustments required, within thirty (30) days after being notified by the COUNTY to do so. All repairs shall be subject to the approval of the Director of Public Works.

This agreement does not limit or relieve DEVELOPER from any other obligation or responsibility which the DEVELOPER may otherwise have as a result of the street improvements, including any damages or latent defects which may occur beyond the warranty period specified above. Furthermore, DEVELOPER, at all times, is not relieved of any obligation or responsibility it may have by law including but not limited to damages for latent deficiencies, injury to real or personal property or injury to or wrongful death of a person, (N.R.S. 11.204).

No certificates of occupancy shall be granted until such time as the off-site improvements have been completed to the satisfaction of the Director of Public Works, and in accordance with this agreement. The granting of a certificate of occupancy does not relieve DEVELOPER of its obligations in this agreement. 

The granting of a certificate of occupancy does not imply that the off-site improvements have been properly completed nor authorize the release of the performance bond or other security.

Upon final acceptance, by the Director of Public Works, of all of the off-site improvements required to be constructed by DEVELOPER as herein provided, DEVELOPER shall be issued a certificate of release of said performance bond or cash deposit, which shall be issued by the Director of Public Works.

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